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Stanmore College was established in 1987. The College offers its students a wealth of provision, an excellent experience and top-class teaching from highly skilled staff. Based in Stanmore, Greater London, the College offers education to both young and adult learners mainly from Brent, Harrow, Hertfordshire and London.

It provides a range of vocational as well as academic provision. The College has grown within the sector by developing its higher education provision. Bespoke training is available to businesses (delivered in house or at business premises) and the College is also involved with apprenticeships.

Stanmore College has two sites: Elm Park (main site) and Kenton Learning Centre.

Our focus at the College is to provide excellence in teaching and learning and an environment where all students can achieve their potential. In particular, we are committed to developing a love of learning and inspiring all learners to accomplish their personal goals whether it be university level study, career development or a new personal interest.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality teaching and learning so that learners develop transferable skills and achieve their full potential.

Strategic Objectives 2016-2017

  1. Achieve grade 2 at the next inspection
  2. Meet all KPI targets for learner outcomes
  3. Ensure teaching, learning and assessment are good or better in every programme area
  4. Continue to develop an innovative curriculum to meet the needs of the local community
  5. Ensure continued sustainable financial stability so that we can invest in and develop high quality resources
  6. Develop staff to respond to process and curriculum innovation
  7. Safeguard the health, well-being and cultural development of our learning community
  8. Develop core employability and study skills to facilitate high quality progression

Resources and Facilities

Stanmore College boasts industry-standard resources and facilities. These include state of the art classrooms, I.T. suites, a café providing refreshments and a newly refurbished learning resources centre. A separate, and recently built, spacious new building on our Elm Park site has been mainly used for adult programmes and we also have off-site provision in Kenton. Furthermore, our skilled and highly qualified staff will deliver workplace training at your premises, where possible, to prevent your staff from having to travel and enable your organisation to continue to function efficiently while providing an excellent staff development programme.

Stanmore College's Values

Stanmore College calls on its staff and students to actively promote these seven values which reflect the aspirations of the college, the community and the country:

  • Valuing and celebrating the diversity of our community

  • Respecting all people no matter what their race, religion, sexuality, abilities, gender or beliefs

  • Working together so that everyone’s view is heard

  • Finding innovative ways to solve problems and move forwardFinding innovative ways to solve problems and move forward

  • Protecting our community from the risks of bullying, abuse and violent extremism

  • Ensuring students’ individual needs are met

  • Having the highest expectations of our students and aspiring for the best possible outcomes

  • Promoting, educating and empowering our students with knowledge surrounding the rule of law and encouraging them to respect the law

Stanmore College is an exempt charity under the terms of the Charities Act 2006. In return the college delivers a concrete, measurable, public benefit to its local community. In considering its vision, mission and values, the College Corporation has had due regard of the Charity Commission's guidance on reporting this public benefit.

Stanmore College plays a significant strategic role in its local areas – the borough of Harrow and surrounding boroughs as well as attracting students from further afield. It has national specialisms and aspirations to grow and develop these.

The College is currently meeting the needs of its community via:

  • courses for young people
  • programmes for the unemployed
  • apprenticeships
  • higher education courses
  • help to learn English and maths
  • student volunteering
  • support for starting and developing your own business and enterprise
  • training for people in employment
  • developing its estate to meet demands of the community

The College contributes to the social and economic development of its community by:

  • sending over 500 students to higher education (2013)
  • providing skills to over 5,000 students in total to help them achieve their aspirations
  • training over 1,000 unemployed job seekers with skills to better access work
  • supporting local business when procuring goods and services and through personal spending of its staff and students
  • providing a place for social networking and community cohesions, for exmaple in its provision of English classes to speakers of other languages
  • providing a strong equality and diversity ethos, it is an open, inclusive and tolerant society

Members of the public can assess the value added to the local community by the college through:

  • Ofsted inspection reports
  • student and employer surveys
  • public records of the College Corporation meetings
  • College accounts (available on request)

The Governors of the College will review and update its public value statement as part of its regular review of the College's Strategic Plan.

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