Fundraising at the heart of Stanmore: Students and staff spread awareness on World Kidney Day

Around half of people in England don’t know what our kidney’s do, where they are in our bodies, why we need them, how to keep them healthy and what happens when they go wrong.

March, 9th marked World Kidney Day, a global awareness campaign aimed at raising awareness of the importance of our kidneys. Stanmore joined with World Kidney Day to help spread awareness of kidney health and raise money. Abdul Khares, Lecturer for STEM, ran a series of events and activities that raised a total of £335; the proceeds of which went to the West London Kidney Patients Association (WLKPA). To kickstart the day, tutors showed students a PowerPoint presentation, giving them an opportunity to learn about the function of kidneys as well as an in-depth understanding of how to keep them healthy. At midday, students held an information event in the Oak Foyer, which gave staff and students a chance to enquire further about kidney issues, and provided them with various leaflets and booklets ranging from organ donation to being kidney aware, diet and obesity. In the afternoon, a hugely successful charity cake sale filled up the STEM staff room, helping to raise money for West London Patients Association (WLKPA). Abdul Khares, Lecturer for STEM, Commented,''Kidney disease is prevalent amongst the ethnic monority groups in the West London area, and it is important to raise awareness of the disease to students, so that they are aware of it, and can help themselves and others. Thanks to all staff and students for their help and support on the day!''


More about World Kidney Day

World Kidney Day aims to reduce the occurrence of kidney disease and other health problems associated with kidney function. Some of the objectives of World Kidney Day are to create awareness about kidney problems, which are related to common health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. World Kidney Day is also observed to encourage and motivate people to understand the importance of early detection of kidney problems to reduce future complications, deaths and disability.

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