What is the course about?

The course covers all aspects of Biology in depth. It is designed to develop an understanding of biological facts, concepts and principles and to appreciate their significance in personal, social, environmental, economic and technological contexts. The course involves a considerable amount of practical work that counts towards the final exam. Skills will be established in the collection and analysis of data from experiments and other sources, the presentation of information and the use of computers.
Syllabus - OCR

Units covered in Biology A2:

    • Unit F214: Communication, Homeostasis and Energy
    • Unit F215: Control, Genomes and Environment
    • Unit F216: Practical skills in Biology

    Study Skills
    As part of Stanmore College Sixth Form's excellent support network, Literacy and Numeracy support is available to any student enrolled on a course, depending on the student's individual needs (determined during Induction by an assessment). Support is provided through the Skills for Life Study Plus Programme. Students can attend either one-to-one or group sessions in a friendly, stimulating and supportive environment.
    Additional Requirements
    Ecology Trip: 150 towards the cost of trip.

    Entry requirements

    Grade D or above at AS Biology

    What can it lead to?

    Higher Education
    Employment Biology A Level is preferred by a large number of universities for those students hoping to study Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Sciences, Neurology and Physiotherapy. It is also useful for students who study Chemistry at higher levels and those interested in environment.
    Specific universities tend to have preferred subject combinations for particular degree courses. Students must seek guidance on this before the start of the course.
    Possible Subject Combinations
    This course combines well with Chemistry, Psychology, Geography and other Advanced Level subjects. See above for degree entry requirements.

    What are the course outcomes?

    • Students will develop their understanding of fundamental biological concepts, principles and theories related to life
    • Students will develop practical skills needed to test a proposed hypothesis.
    • Students will develop skills in solving scientific problems and extend their skills when familiar information is presented in unfamiliar contexts.
    • Students will develop an awareness of the relevance of biology to other fields of study, to the world of work and to society.

How will you be assessed?

2 theory papers - 1 of 1 hour and 30 mins and 2 of 2 hours and 15 mins
Centre assessed practical and investigative skills - 10% of total for A Level.
Exams may be taken in June at the end of theyear.
Textbook to be purchased by student.

Is there an interview?


Equipment Required?

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02 Sep 201327 Jun 201432 Weeks - Stanmore College Main SiteFull Time